The venue for the CIDESCO Congress & Exhibition is Kistamässan, Arne Beurlings Torg 5, 164 40 Kista. Busses will take you from Waterfront Hotel and the Exhibition. How to get there, click here.

The venue for the CIDESCO Meetings will be Stockholm Waterfront Congress Center, SWCC.

Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre

Nils Ericsons Plan 4 Stockholm, Sweden Tel: + 46 8 5050 6540 Fax: + 46 8 5050 6001 E-mail: meetings@stockholmwaterfront.com

- From Arlanda Airport
-Arlanda Express train (20 minutes), stops next to the congress centre. Direct access through Stockholm Central Station. -Airport bus to Cityterminalen (40 minutes), next to the congress centre. - Taxi (40 minutes), recommended firms: Taxi Stockholm, Taxi Kurir, Top Cab and Taxi 020
- On Foot
Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre is located next to Stockholm Central Station (train) and Cityterminalen (bus).
- From the station hall at Central Station
Take the escalators in the middle of the hall up to Klarabergsviadukten. Exit the station building and go left, about 50 metres, on Klarabergsviadukten. Turn left at the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel. You will find the entrance to Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre next to the hotel.
- From the station hall at Cityterminalen
Go out through the exit towards Klarabergsviadukten. Cross the street and then go right about 50 metres along Klarabergsviadukten. Turn left at the Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel. You will find the entrance to Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre next to the hotel.
- By Train
Arrive at Stockholm Central Station with direct access to the congress centre. See how to get from the Central Station to Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre on foot below.
- By buss
National and international buses and airport buses arrive at Cityterminalen, next to the congress centre. See how to get from Cityterminalen to Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre on foot below.
- Accessibility
Wheelchair access by lift at Congress main entrance Door opener avaliable for lift Meeting and conference floor / area accessible with wheelchair Disability toilet available in meeting and conference areas on all levels all with alarm buttons Foldable armrests by the toilet Cane holder avaliable at conference reception Access ramp to Radisson Blu Waterfront Hotel Number of disability parkingplaces available: 5

Event Schedule

Lecture Programme

Lecture programme 66 th CIDESCO congress 6th - 9th September 2018
hud & kosmetik, Kistamässan, Stockholm. Theatre M 8

Thursday 6th September

11.00 - 12.00 - René Nagels
Dermato-cosmetic scientist and founder of Nannic R&D
Choose the right type of RF for nonsurgical antiaging treatments
Radio frequency (RF) is well-known in Cosmetic Dermatology as an effective tool for nonsurgical skin rejuvenation. Depending on the type of RF and the used tools, the results can be exceptional but also cause a risk for the human body. Is there a safe RF treatment with immediate and long-term results? What is the difference between Resistive RF and safe Capacitive RF? What is the required high-quality tools for optimum results? Learn more about how you can choose the right type of RF that is effective and safe.

12.15 - 13.15 - Trevor Steyn
Trevor is a South African chemist and founder of Esse Probiotic Skincare. He’s known as the ”Father of Probiotic Skincare” and was the first person in the world to develop a live probiotic skincare product.
Billions of live Probiotics (beneficial bacteria) – The future in professional skincare!
Recent breakthroughs in skincare science have shown that microbes living in and on the skin has a bigger impact on our skin health than our skin cells have. Due to this knowledge, the skincare industry is facing the biggest shift in decades. Trevor Steyn will show you how this new approach will benefit you as skin therapist and also the end customer.

13.30 14.30 - Dirk Hundertmark,
Professor and chemistry specialist with over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry especially in mikropigmentation. He is the founder and owner of Purebeau New cosmetics GmbH, Berlin, Germany.
The principle of Plasma technology. Fibroblast non-ablative lifting without, surgical.
Dirk Hundertmark will in his presentation introduce you to the new a treatment “Plasma” and the importance of choosing the right knowledge in combination with precision and technology. Fibroblast Plasma is a new worldwide non-ablative treatment. In the lectured Dirk will also talk about the importance of pre – and aftercare program.

14.45 – 15.45 - Dr Andrew Christie
Dr. Andrew R. Christie is an industry specialist with over 20 years of experience who has lectured as a skin- and microneedling expert in over 50 countries. Andrew has authored several books on microneedling and written over 600 papers for industry publications and journals.
Microneedling & Papulopustular Acne – delivering innovative and effective patient solutions
In his presentation, Dr Christie will focus on how automated microneedling delivers unexpected and innovative success to patients affected by papulopustular acne. Combination therapies with microneedling, including the infusion of certain active substances and chemical peels, deliver even greater treatment versatility and result.

16.00 – 17.00 - Dr. Andrea Bovero, PhD
Andrea Bovero, PhD, trainer, consultant, journalist, writer. Opinion leader in Beauty, Wellness & Lifestyle. He is considered one of the most appreciated Spa experts and critics, his several reviews issued on magazines, blogs and social networks have made him earn the “Spa Spectator” title.
Spa & Beauty Evolution: Market Trends and Innovation
The idea of beauty and wellness has been completely revolutionised by the advent of the Spa System, extending the known concept beyond the borders of "body care". The marketplace has changed, also the consumer has changed and, in order to keep up with the present times, the services offered by the beauty centers have to change as well. The right response to the demanding challenges of the Spa Business are innovative welcoming protocols and multisensory rituals, which are essential elements in the new economy of emotions.”

Friday 7th September

9.00 – 10.00 - Michael Q. Pugliese
Michael Q. Pugliese, BS, LE: an informed educator, writer, and asset to the skincare industry. His dedication and leadership to the brand has grown to achieve international recognition and distribution worldwide. This global expansion has created a skincare regime for every skin type in the world. Michael’s compelling lectures honors the tenets of modern skin science discovered originally by his grandfather.
Innovative Ingredients technology
Sophisticated ingredient technology has driven consumer demand, yet few estheticians understand the depth of science behind these powerful ingredients. Expose yourself to a multitude of ingredient classifications from peptide technologies to antioxidants and from stem cell technologies to skin lighteners. Leave this class with a comprehensive understanding of these innovative concepts and effectively treat your clients in 2018

10.15 – 11.15 - Linda Mehrens Flodin
Makeup artist with 30 years of experience with in the cosmetic industry. Founder and creative director of MEHRENS ACADEMY, Scandinavia´s first stand alone CIDESCO Media Makeup School.
To work professionally with makeup
How to work as a professional makeup artist. The basic techniques and rules in makeup. The makeup artist's techniques have spread to beauty junkies who are making up their own rules and techniques. Where does it come from and how is this effecting the results and trends?

11.30 – 12.30 - Jens Bergström
Jens Bergström, tattoo artist since 1997 and founder of Tattoo and Piercing Education 2010. Former Head Chairman of SRT, Swedish Tattoo Association in between 2009-2015. Currently working in the association as vice Head Chairman developing the first trade certificate for tattoo artists in the world. For the last 4 years he has been working in the EU for a safer trade as consultant for different developing projects mostly regarding Hygiene safety in the workplace. Tattoo and Piercing Education is the largest platform in Scandinavia doing educational lectures regarding hygiene safety towards the tattoo industry, and also other trades that concerns breaking the skin barrier. Recently he was invited to develop a relevant education for the skin therapists of Sweden and SHR - CIDESCO Section Sweden.
Breaking the skin barrier and keeping it safe
I will in a short, easy going and effective way try to explain the values of knowledge regarding workplace hygiene. The different trades of breaking the skin barrier is very similar, have similar laws and the way we execute is much alike, so i will try to explain in a very simple way why we all need to keep an acceptable level of hygiene in the workplace to prevent micro infections, bad results and resistant bacteria to spread in society thru misconception of what we need to know."

12.45 – 13.45 - Sophie Alemany
Sophie Alemany has worked 15 years as International Training Manager for Thalion. Former Training Manager for Givenchy in Europe and the Middle East.
Mineral therapies - health or skincare?
Mineral therapies focuses on stress, the evil of our century, mineral deficiency and ageing. Through magnesium and calcium cures, we can see positive results on how to reduce stress, increase well-being and prevent ageing.

14.00 – 15.00 - Dimitra Tsantidou
Dimitra is a Cidesco Beauty Therapist, member of the Greek Health Tourism Association and assistant of the Greek Thermal Medicine Academy she advocates the nature’s impact on human entirety as an approach to total wellness.
Healing Waters
From ancient times to the present, wellness and health through water have been an integral part of human life. Scientific studies prove the therapeutic dimension, promoting the increasing trend of seeking the benefits of thermal water vital properties, either via balneotherapy or spa and beauty applications. By deploying knowledge and targeted practices we can deliver something more than beauty: Prevention, Health, Longevity.

15.15 – 16.15 - Dr Ghoncheh Yazdani
Qualified physician (family medicine, ophthalmologist, specialist in aesthetic medicine) with a broad knowledge and years of experience in traditional healthcare, private medicine and entrepreneurship.
Innovative treatment for Acne Vulgaris shown in a new study
In a world plenty of knowledge and information your business is less valuable every year if you don’t exclude traditions and include innovation and competence. The lack of effective treatment for acne vulgaris and long periods of treatment with antibiotics may increase the risk of developing resistance. Dr Yazdani has been shown that BioCool® which is a medical device effectively kill microorganisms and reduces the grade of infection by P.Acne in Acne vulgaris.

Social Programme

Welcome party

The Welcome Party will be held at the Exhibition hud & kosmetik, on Thursday the 6th September in the Bistro. The Welcome Party is included in the Congress Fee. The venue is Kistamässan, Arne Beurlings Torg 5, 164 40 Kista. Busses will take you from Waterfront Hotel to the Exhibition and back.
To read more about the exhibition click here: hud & kosmetik

Culture Evening

The Culture Evening will be held on Friday the 7th September 19.00 at Junibacken.
Busses will take you from the Waterfront Hotel to Junibacken and back

The Story of Junibacken

… starts with Astrid Lindgren. The first time she heard about the project she thought it was a nice idea and all that, but she didn’t want to have anything to do with any kind of “Astrid Lindgren’s house”.

A train to the world of fairy tales and stories
Right from the start the idea was of a journey with a small train through some of Astrid’s stories. These would be presented in tableaux, lighting, dialogue and music.
The Storybook Train took nearly two years to create. Doll-makers, scenic artists, prop-makers, theatre carpenters – everyone was working feverishly to complete the Storybook Train in time for the opening on 8 June 1996.

Gala dinner

The Gala Dinner will be held on Saturday the 8th September 19.00 at Winterviken.
Boats will take you from Stadhuskajen to Winterviken and busses will take you back to the Waterfront Hotel.

Winterviken – Alfred Nobels old Dynamite Factory!

In beautiful Vinterviken, only 15 minutes away from Stockholm city lays the old factory of Nobel from 1891. Now ”Winterviken” is owned and run by Markus Aujalay and Erika Michael. In this incredible building there are neither crystal chandeliers nor velvet chairs, instead our ceiling is adorned by wooden beams, brick inner and outer walls and wooden floors. Winterviken’s halls are rough and beautiful..
Markus Aujalay is one of Sweden’s most reputed chefs. He has worked at the most exquisite restaurants both abroad and in Sweden and won most titles there are to be won in Sweden. He has managed the Nobel Prize award dinner and is also greatly appreciated as a TV-chef and through his cookbooks.

Partner Club

66th CIDESCO congress 8th - 9th September 2018

In conjunction with the Congress we are offering a special ”Partner Program” for the weekend during CIDESCO meeting times. Don’t miss the opportunity to bring your partner to Stockholm. While you are learning at the CIDESCO meetings, your partner will have a great time discovering Stockholm. Travel costs and guides are sponsored by CIDESCO Section Sweden. Museum visits and Meals are additional costs.

Program for the Partner Club

Saturday 8th September
10.00 Meet up at the Waterfront Hotel
10.30 Tour of the historical Vasa Museum
12.30 Lunch at - Restaurang Glöd -– a genuine Viking Restaurant
13.30 Tour of ABBA the Museum
15.00 Visit the outdoor museum Skansen – Sweden in miniature
17.30 Return to the Waterfront Hotel

Sunday 9th September
10.30 Meet up at the Waterfront Hotel
11.00 Stockholm Rooftop Tour – see the city from above.
12.30 Lunch at Restaurang tradition – Traditional Swedish Food
13.30 Visit to The Royal Castle
15.30 Walk through the Old Town with “Swedish Fika”
17.00 Return to the Waterfront Hotel

Information and Prices

The Vasa Museum
The Vasa ship capsized and sank in Stockholm 1628. After 333 years on the sea bed the mighty warship was salvagedsalvaged, and the voyage could continue. Today Vasa is the world’s only preserved 17th century ship and the most visited museum in Scandinavia.
The Vasa Museum is one of Scandinavia’s most visited museums. It is here that you will find in all its glory, the unique and well preserved man-ofwar Vasa from 1628, embellished with hundreds of wooden sculptures.
Read more: https://www.vasamuseet.se/en
SEK 130

ABBA the Museum
Walk in – Dance out!
ABBA The Museum is no ordinary museum. It’s not just about the original costumes, gold records and so many other wonderful items of memorabilia – it’s about you! Feel what it’s like to be onstage with ABBA, to sing at the famous Polar Studio or to dress up in those legendary costumes (virtual). There’s so much to experience… you’ll have the time of your lives!
Read more: http://www.abbathemuseum.com/en/
SEK 250

Skansen is the world’s oldest open-air museum, showcasing the whole of Sweden with houses and farmsteads from every part of the country. At Skansen, you can discover Sweden’s history and find out how Swedes once lived according to the changing seasons, through the customs and traditions, work, celebrations and everyday life of times gone by. This is also a place where festive occasions are celebrated throughout the year.
The lively programme of activities includes singing, dancing and concerts. Skansen is a unique place where history meets the present day, where Swedish traditions and craftsmanship live on, and where people of all ages come together. Here you can see Nordic wildlife, rare breeds, pets and exotic creatures. The Skansen Aquarium and Our Africa feature exotic animals including monkeys, birds, reptiles and insects. The park area surrounding the museum has a variety of planting and gardens.
Read more: http://www.skansen.se/en/this-is-skansen
SEK 105

Rooftop Tour
Welcome to us up on the Roof! Welcome to the original track in Stockholm, opened in 2007. Rooftop Tours is an exciting guided tour over Stockholm, 43 meters above the ground. Here you get to see a part of Stockholm´s best views, with both well-known and new sights to look out over, from above. It is, as the name suggests, a walk along an exposed track. It includes no climbing; it is a guided, historical walk along a catwalk, on top of the old Parliament building on Riddarholmen. On the roof, the guides tell anecdotes and the history of Stockholm as a city and Sweden as a country. During the tour, you are secured to our security system the whole way around the roof we walk on. Only enjoy the view and take in the stories!
More information: https://takvandring.com/en/
SEK 595

The Royal Palace of Stockholm
Welcome to one of Europe’s largest and most dynamic palaces! The Royal Palace of Stockholm is His Majesty The King’s official residence and is also the setting for most of the monarchy’s official receptions. The palace is a daily place of work for The King and Queen as well as for the various departments that make up the Royal Court.
This combination of royal residence, workplace and culture-historical monument open year round to visitors makes the Royal Palace of Stockholm unique amongst Europe’s royal residences.
The palace is built in baroque style by the architect Nicodemus Tessin and is formed as a Roman palace. The palace has more than 600 rooms divided between seven floors with a state apartment facing the city and smaller living rooms facing the inner courtyard.
The palace contains many interesting things to see. In addition to the Royal Apartments there are three museums steeped in regal history: the Treasury with the regalia, the Tre Kronor Museum that portrays the palaces medieval history and Gustav III’s Museum of Antiquities. See respective tourist destination at the palace in the left-hand menu for more information.
More information: http://www.kungahuset.se/royalcourt/visittheroyalpalaces/theroyalpalace.4.396160 511584257f218000138.html
SEK 160

Information and Prices


Restaurant Glöd
Glöd is the museum restaurant, situated in one of the city’s prime locations, overlooking the water in Wasahamnen harbour. With quality in focus, this restaurant serves well prepared food with a modern Nordic touch that is as inviting as the décor.
On the menu at Glöd you’ll find a mix of hearty stews, vegetarian dishes as well as filling sandwiches and salads. Everything is prepared from scratch using carefully selected ingredients. Real Viking enthusiasts can order the Viking-inspired “Glöd’s Vikingapanna” and, naturally, there is mead for those who want to try it. Everything on the menu is organic and seasonal.
Read more: http://www.vikingaliv.se/en/visit-us/restaurant/

Here at Tradition we offer you food from the Swedish cuisine as it was originally intended: Featured, uncomplicated high quality ingredients that are prepared with knowledge and care.
Restaurant Traditions founder Jonas Petersson has worked on international renowned places such as Aquavit in New York and Quaglino’s in London. But even on classic Swedish restaurants Ulriksdals Wärdshus, Basement Aurora and Reisen. And after working with different types of food from different food cultures, he has learned to appreciate the simplicity and good taste as the Swedish food tradition can give.
Read more:http://www.restaurangtradition.se/en/

How to enter the Partner Club

Just send us an e-mail on: cidescocongress2018@shr.nu to register for the program. We will get back to you with more details.

Terms of Payment

Prices for museums are only approximate and may be different upon booking.
You can pay for the Museums at the ticket desk directly on arrival. You can also buy the Stockholm Pass in advance if you are planning to visit more sights. Not included in the Pass are ABBA the Museum and the Rooftop Tour.
For more information: https://www.stockholmpass.com/stockholm-pass-prices.php

Make up Competition

The theme for the CIDESCO Make-up & Body Art competition is “Gods and Creatures of the Norse Mythology”
SHR invites you to enter the prestigious annual


The Competition takes place during the CIDESCO World Congress in Stockholm 2018, hosted by SHR, the Swedish CIDESCO Section
and alongside the largest exhibition in the industry in Sweden, hud & kosmetik!
It will be held on Thursday, 6th September 2018

For further information contact
Project Manager Anna Olsson



6 – 7th September 2018

The venue is Kistamässan, Arne Beurlings Torg 5, 164 40 Kista. Busses will take you from Waterfront Hotel and the Exhibition.

The Swedish National Organisation for Skin Therapists SHR, CIDESCO Section Sweden, SHR, is organising the perfect expo for the Beauty industry, giving you the unique opportunity to meet with exactly the right target audience.
We kindly invite all beauty industry professionals to join our expo and create exciting new business opportunities. Both your existing customers and many potential new customers and contacts will be able to visit your booth at hud & kosmetik. Our exhibition is currently the only professional beauty industry trade show held in Sweden and celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2016. In 2017 the event attracted approximately 3,000 visitors and hosted around 100 exhibitors. Skin therapists, Beauty therapy students and others working in related professions, including chiropodists, spa therapists, massage therapists, nail technicians and make-up artists, are all welcome to visit and exhibit at the 2018 expo. hud & kosmetik is the most important meeting place for the Swedish beauty industry.
Everyone involved in our industry is looking forward to this year´s event and the CIDESCO Congress, with great expectation. Naturally, we’re working hard to ensure that the 2018 expo will be even better than before. As a special addition to the 2018 event, SHR will host the international 66th CIDESCO World Congress in conjunction with hud & kosmetik. As in past years, we will also hold the Swedish championships in both make-up and nail design together with workshops, lectures and much more. SHR is busy promoting hud & kosmetik via its members’ magazine Hudterapeuten, the website hudochkosmetikmassan.se, the SHR blog, advertisements in printed media, digital newsletters and social media. We are also distributing press releases and media invitations. Would you like to join us in making hud & kosmetik 2018 a success?


Click on the picture to see a larger image.

Visit Sweden

Important information about visiting Sweden

Information on how to get to and from the main airports in Sweden

Stockholm Arlanda Airport

The Arlanda Express train operates from Arlanda Airport to/from Stockholm Central Station every 15 minutes throughout the day. The travel time is only 20 minutes.
Bus and taxi
You can also travel by bus or taxi. The Flygbussarna Airport Coaches depart every 10-15 minutes between Arlanda Airport and the City Terminal (next to the Central Station) and travel time is around 35-45 minutes.
To go by taxi takes about 40 minutes to central Stockholm. Find out more about taxi prices and other info here. We strongly suggest the following Taxi Companies: Taxi Stockholm and Taxi Kurir.


Information about currency and prices in Sweden

The monetary unit in Sweden is the krona (plural “kronor”) and equals 100 öre. Bank notes are printed in values of 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 kronor, coins 1, 2, 5 and 10 kronor.
Credit cards and cash Sweden is widely regarded as the most cashless society on the planet. Most of the country’s bank branches have stopped handling cash; many shops, museums and restaurants now only accept plastic or mobile payments.
Major credit cards (some restriction may apply to American Express) are widely accepted throughout Sweden at banks, hotels, stores, restaurants, taxis, car rental companies, and for air, ship and rail tickets.


Passport and visa information for your visit to Sweden click here:



Visit Stockholm - Things to do in Stockholm - Top 10

The list of things to do in Stockholm could be made endless and there are more than a hundred attractions to choose from. To make it easier we have picked out the Stockholm highlights for you. Big and small; well-known, popular and unique, with classics like the Vasa Museum and modern newcomers like ABBA the Museum and Fotografiska. Here is a list of the top 10 attractions in Stockholm. Enjoy! For more information please visit: visitstockholm.com Visit Stockholm AB City of Stockholm Box 16282, 103 25 Stockholm, Sweden Visiting address: Stockholm Visitor Center, Sergels Torg Phone: +46 (0)8-508 285 08 (Stockholm Visitor Center) Email:touristinfo@stockholm.se

Visit Sweden

Looking for things to do in Sweden? If you are looking for adventure, cultural experiences, places to try Swedish food or want to know where to buy some cool design and fashion there is a good chance you can find it in Sweden. Please visit the webpage to find out more: https://visitsweden.com/


The Northern Lights, or aurora borealis, appear around the beginning of September (Kiruna) to around the end of March all over Swedish Lapland. So if you are on holiday here for winter activities such as skiing, dog sledding, snowmobile tours etc you may see them. But for the very best chance of seeing the Northern Lights you should make the trip to the Aurora Sky Station in Abisko National Park. There are no guarantees, but being surrounded by mountains, Abisko is known for its clear skies, so there’s a good chance. A chairlift takes you up to the observation tower, as well as the station’s Northern Lights exhibition, café and souvenir shop. Do dress properly for your visit, and we don’t mean a tuxedo or cocktail dress. It is fearsome cold and you should attire accordingly. Happy Northern Lights hunting!